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About Us

We are broad-spectra media solutions provider

MendersClick is a leading video production company that creates compelling visual content to help businesses and organizations connect with their audience. Our team of experienced professionals combines creativity, technical expertise, and a passion for storytelling to deliver high-quality video content that engages and inspires. At MendersClick, we offer a full range of video production services, Motion graphics, Live streaming, Graphics design, training and general consultancy…

We work closely with our clients to understand their vision, goals, and audience to develop videos and contents that resonate with their target market. Our team uses the latest technology and equipment to deliver top-notch videos that meet the highest standards. We are committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed our clients' expectations and help them achieve their business objectives.

Our Mission

Our mission at MendersClick is to leverage cutting-edge technologies, unrivaled expertise, and a deep understanding of our clients' needs to deliver exceptional services. We are committed to providing a diverse range of high-quality services, including Video production, Motion graphics, Live streaming and strategic consulting, to help our clients get the best, captivate their audiences, and achieve their goals. Overall, our mission is to be the preferred media partner for individuals and businesses seeking to elevate their digital presence and achieve enduring success in a dynamic and interconnected world.

Our Vision

At MendersClick, our vision is to be a transformative force in the Video production industry , empowering individuals and businesses to connect, engage, and thrive in a rapidly evolving world. We envision a future where our innovative solutions and exceptional services redefine the boundaries of media, inspiring creativity, fostering collaboration, and nurturing meaningful connections.

Meet the Team

Oladidipupo Olanrewaju Ahmmed

Oladipupo Olanrewaju Ahmmed (Mender)

Oladidipupo Olanrewaju Ahmmed is a highly skilled and talented Creative Director and Video Editor with a passion for storytelling and visual aesthetics.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Ahmmed’s journey in the world of creativity began at a young age when he discovered his fascination with visual arts.

With a strong background in media production and a deep understanding of the technical aspects of video editing, Ahmmed honed his skills through years of dedicated practice and formal education.

He obtained a certificate in Film and Media Studies, which provided him with a solid foundation in cinematography, storytelling, and post-production techniques.
Adelowo Gabriel

Adelowo Gabriel

Adelowo Gabriel is a certified Video editor, Cinematographer, Motion graphics artist/graphics designer, creative director and a live streaming expert.

He got his certification in motion graphics, graphics design at the prestigious ORANGE VFX. The leading animation company in Nigeria.

And got a diploma certificate in film making at Lagos film school with his over 5 years of experience in the creative industry, he has been able to build a very strong portfolio for himself, trained seasoned professionals and also worked with cooperate brands both in Nigeria and Abroad.

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